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Vibe Select
Our urban blend




Vibe Select welcomes you to our movement, The Team will encompass you with our stylish uncut delivery of all true urban music.

Prepare for an amazing new series in 2018! Blending soulful urban classic grooves, gourmet cocktails, delicious food menus and incredible Vibes!. “Vibe Select” captures the cool of the old school classic scene with all the elegance of┬á finest clubs worldwide.

Vibe Select presents the exquisite urban experience. Like life itself, the urban experience is quite varied and we do not attempt to represent all of it, rather an aspect we feel has been overlooked. With so much focus on the roughened gritty, we feel the smooth and polished aspects have been neglected. Stay Tuned!

“Keep it Locked”. T-Bird, CTO and Co-Founder.
(photography by Petra Aanderud Photography & Melo0ww Photography)