About us

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“Vibe Select presents the Exquisite Urban Experience, by consistently bringing visibility to meaningful music and curating memorable experiences through concerts, events, parties and our radio show we project our vision: Bring together followers worldwide and offer this great city what it really wants and is currently lacking.”

Our Movement is dedicated to putting on high-quality concerts, events and club nights(current and past venues include Soho House Barcelona, Guzzo, The MIX, Blue Boite Barcelona, ONAC/Havana Club). We are looking to solidify relationships with entities interested in promoting their brand alongside high-class urban music culture.

Our vision is people enjoying good music, food and drink in a responsible fashion plus all other good things in life. We welcome those seeking community beyond a mere night out.

Delivering the best in Classic Soul/Neo-Soul, Funk, Jazz, Soulful House, Golden age Hip Hop and R&B music at venues around Barcelona, Stockholm and online.

Come and get your VIBE right. — R.D. CEO & Co- founder Vibe Select