VIBE Select – Beat Lounge.

While we are all self-isolating and social distancing here is the link to our “Beat Lounge” playlist, let us select your vibe, it's what we do best. Stay safe, y’all. VIBE Select’s “Beat Lounge” playlist available on Spotify.  

VIBE Select ft Drematic XL

Thanks, everybody who came through last weekend for representing real Soul, RnB, and Hip Hop plus good VIBES in Barcelona, a big shout out to Seven Drematicxl Series aka Drematic XL, Thunder Bird, Garage 442, Krispy Cuts Barcelona and Afro Euros group for your support and contributions. VIBE Select ft Drematic XL

New VIBE Select event….

BARCELONA!! We haven’t seen you guys in awhile! Come through Curtis on Sunday, 8 December, and catch a VIBE. Pilar Jorquera will remind us all why listening to dope beats on Sunday afternoons is always a good idea. 14h to 18h.